Here’s A Playlist…

Hello loves! Sorry to be gone for so long, but check under the playlist for what’s been going on. Thank you for all of you who still check in and follow me.

Hayley Kiyoko hayley kiyoko heart hands GIF

Some songs are poking at me so I thought I’d give you some to check

And a few other things I’d like to say.

I’ve been gone for a bit. This hasn’t been of my own volition.

First off, I have been sick on and off since March. At the end of May I got a kidney infection, followed by the flu, another kidney infection, and a possible case of pancreatitis. The results on that are still out. I’ll try to keep you posted.

On top of that:

While dd’ing two weekends ago for some friends I was assaulted at the bar, which triggered some PTSD related issues. As a rape and sexual assault survivor I struggle with PTSD and related anxiety on a daily basis and this…agitated that quite a bit. I will end up writing a four piece article on this.

I will be coming to you with the following posts:
*Subscription Services: The Good, the Meh, the Ugly
*Goodbye To You: An Open Letter On The Death Of My Fave TV Show
*Makeup Reviews
*Status Updates On My Weight Progress and Mental Health
*Shows You Should Be Watching
*Why Fanfiction is Legitimate Literature
*Essential Introvert Reading List
*Makeup or Ethics
*Being an Ally and the Importance of a Genuine Apology
*Making Your Room Your Ocean and Why It’s Important
*The Black Crow Sessions: Songs I’m Singing to Honor My Nana
*Going to a Concert as a Disabled Person with an Invisible Illness
*Travelling as a Diasabled Person with a Mental Illness
and so much more!

❤ Later Lovelies
Lady Lynx


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