Product Review: NYX Faux Black Eyeliner


Today I’m going to talk about the new Faux Black eyeliner line from NYX, which is one of my favorite brands because they’re affordable and their quality is usually on par with high end brands. And guys I’m picky af about my lipsticks.

Full disclosure? I bought the NYX Faux Black Eyeliner on a whim with my points from ULTA and wasn’t expecting much. I just wanted to try something new. NYX 8/10 makes quality products. So I was comfortable taking a risk.


Before I start the review I want to post the product description from Ulta: The go-to goodie in every beauty’s makeup bag? A little black liner, of course! Inspired by this enduring essential, the NYX Cosmetics’ Faux Blacks collection puts a bold twist on a classic that will forever be a chic choice. Available in a variety of deep matte shades with a hint of rich color – from midnight blue to dark olive – these striking eyeliners are creamy and go on smooth, which makes drawing a precise line or smudging it out totally simple.

Usually product descriptions exaggerate…but I was very very surprised with what these eyeliners did. Onto the review.

Though many people, to my endless annoyance, like to say I have brown eyes? My eyes are actually hazel and turn different shades of brown and green depending on what I do with my eyes. If I use greens or olives or purples, the green comes out more. If I use navy or browns, the different shades of brown are brought out. If I use black…nothing happens and I love my eyes. So I don’t use a lot of black. I like my eyes to look bright.

These babies retail at $8 per liner. I bought Black Hole, a deep true purple, and Burnt Sienna, a brownish red that leans heavily towards the red. Usually I don’t incorportate a lot of red into my eyes. I’m pale af and I don’t like the effect it has. BUT HOLY. SHIT.

Okay so I’ve worn the Black Hole once and wasn’t too impressed, my eyes popped, but it was the same as every other dark purple liner I’ve used, the only difference being you can’t tell it’s purple. However the Burnt Sienna. ❤ ❤ ❤ I’ve used it twice and I’m always very very very impressed with how it comes out. My eyes pop so hard, but the liner doesn’t look red or brown, it looks dark and smokey at most angles and at some it’s almost black. Both can be dressed up or down and, yes, that second picture is me being casual.

collage 1
A close up of my eyes, each lined with a different color. I do have mascara on as well…cause I wanted to. 😛

The formula is great too. I have no problem getting it on, it doesn’t fall too much (I only had to touch up under my eyes once), and it’s easy to blend. It also feels good. Some of you may know what I’m talking about when I say this, but some eyeliners pull at your eyes and feel cakey when you put them on. My only two complaints would be that:

  • when you sharpen it you have to be careful because sometimes the pencil sharpens weird and you lose a bit of product at the tip. (and yes I have a sharpener that fits the pencil correctly)
  • Its not something I’d use alone if I were to do a heavily lined eye. Other people probably could pull it off, but I tend to shy away from doing a lot of eyeliner because I prefer dark lips in most of my looks.

I suggest checking out the collection regardless, because it’s a decently priced and you’re definitely getting hella bang for your buck. However, if you’re someone (like me) who has eyes that normal black eyeliner just don’t do anything for I’d highly suggest trying out some of the the collection. Depending on the color you choose (there are eight as of this moment) the colors pick up and bring out certain tones in your eyes. They definitely give you that extra OOMPH.

I’m about to pick up three more and I’m seriously considering getting rid of most of my other eyeliners, save my liquid liners and two others, because these just do a better job and I’m decluttering/finishing my room (< <future post).

All in all I give these liners 8.5 out of 10.

Please forgive my crappy pic collage :/

Later Lovelies.
❤ Lady Lynx

Cheezburger disney kiss bye goodbye GIF


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