Product Review: Colourpop Cosmetics Satin and Matte Lip 2

Hello Lovelies! Welcome back to people who have already checked the site out and welcome to those of you checking out this blog for the first time.

I’ve reviewed Colourpop Cosmetics before and they’re one of my favorite brands, though I will always review them with complete objectivity, just as I will do for every brand review I do.

Seeing as Christmas is right around the corner I haven’t really bought anything for myself, however I bought some gifts for my friends from Colourpop and ended up buying three liquid lips for myself. I got Dr. M (matte), Prim (satin), and Femme (satin).


So in my first Colourpop review I talked about how I impressed I was with the brand and the pricing. For those of you who love to do your lips, we all know $6 for a great lasting lip is rare and amazing.

This is my third order from Colourpop and they’ve been great on time, as well as the condition my products arrived in. This time they arrived in a bubble mail bag, but they weren’t squished or damaged. I must say that I prefer the box packaging, but anyone know knows me knows that I’m a sucker for pretty packaging.

I swatched all three colors immediately and fell in love with SO PRETTY!

NOTE TO READER: Sorry about the lack of precision on these swatches. I was more concerned with keeping up how many times I had to dip the applicator (which I really love the shape of. It’s small and has been pretty great for touch ups and fixing most minor details. I wish more liquid lips had the smaller doe foot applicator. Here are my findings on the three colors I got:

I’m gonna start with Dr. M:

I’m laughing really hard at myself on this one. In my previous post I said that, while the mattes were pigmented and needed to get a little help via a makeup remover? That they weren’t as hard to get off as Gerard Cosmetics Ruby Slipper. Dr. M definitely proved that wrong. I used two coats to get this matte to be perfect and I have to say three things:

  1. It was far harder to get off than ruby slipper was. You definitely need an oil based makeup remover and I STILL had to use two makeup wipes.
  2. This formula DID NOT CRACK like Ruby Slipper does. Holy crap does this stuff aplly and hold evenly.
  3. On the sight it says that Dr. M is a blackened green, but on me it was a deep, mermaid teal. It actually matched my nails, painted in OPI AmazON, AmazOff, perfectly

My only complaint would be that it feels a bit weird. Your lips don’t feel dried out, but you know something is on them. I used a primer and a balm, letting them dry down a bit before applying. It still felt strange, but not uncomfortable. I kinda forgot I was wearing lipstick after a bit. There was little to no transfer, however I still suggest drinking through a straw and be careful while eating, you will need to reapply.

All in all: 8/10 and highly recommend.

Now, onto Femme:


First of all this color is stunning. Even cooler, it’s very similar to Gerard Cosmetics Gravity Hydra Matte. However this is a Satin. I’m not even going to pretend that I’m not partial to Colourpop’s satins. They aren’t too shiny, they’re incredibly comfortable, and reapplying never makes your lips feel like they’re drying out. This formula just feels moisturizing for some reason and I love it.

Femme is described as a muted dirty lilac and I definitely agree, although it’s a bit greyish.

Lastly, Prim:


Oh.My.GOD. I adore this red. It’s deep and super flattering on my pale pale skin (My Sephora color ID is 1Y03 if that clears that up a bit for you). Again, like I said above, this is super comfortable and not too shiny. I took this pic with a flash so it’s a bit shinier looking in this pic, however, in real life, it’s about as Shiny as Femme.

Prim is described as a blackened red and I agree. It’s dark, but it definitely looks red. This was tied with Dr. M for my favorite.

All in all for both Prim and Femme 10/10 would recommend.

If you haven’t checked out Colourpop I highly suggest you check them out. They have quality products for very good prices. Their descriptions of the colors are usually correct, so far I haven’t picked out a color that I didn’t love on me.

I’ll be checking out their blush next month as well as other product reviews. Stay tuned guys.

And if you have a blog you think I should follow please let me know. I’ve been mainly on Instagram and I’m looking to change that as well as looking for other product recommendations.

Later Lovelies,
Lady Lynx ❤




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