Product Review: OverTone Color Depositing Hair Masque

So, if you’ve ever seen a picture of me you know that my hair is teal, blue, green, and purple. I’ve kept it turquoise/teal since my Mimi died in 2013. I randomly died it out of grief and it’d been something I wanted to do forever. My Mimi probably would have hated it, but it reminds me of her. I had an amazing grandmother ❤

That said, keeping the color fresh and maintaining my hair is a gargantuan task, not to mention my hair is difficult in general. Between me and my stylist I’m constantly on the lookout for ways to keep my hair vibrant and healthy.

Randomly I did a google search for color depositing conditioners and, lo and behold, this company showed up:


the new pretty in all it’s elegant glory

When I ordered my hair masque I was nervous, because what if it hurt my hair? What if it didn’t work? What if I just wasted my money?

I got the Extreme Teal Go Deep Weekly Treatment. I ordered it on November first and it arrived on the fifth. A+ for delivery because not only had I gotten it quickly, I noticed on my tracking number that my zip code had been messed up either by myself or someone else. However it found it’s way into my shaking arms, I had the flu at time of delivery, only four days after I ordered.

I opened it up and smelled it. I had read from customer reviews that it had a strange scent, however after I smelled it I decided a) I liked the smell and b) that it smelled like fresh mint.

The packaging is simplistic and elegant, I’ll probably save the bottle for re-purposing.

The Application: I had to use gloves, as the product is very pigmented and would stain my hands otherwise.

So I started by putting gloves on and a towel around my neck so that my hands wouldn’t get stained. When I opened the overtone I was a little scared that the masque would be really runny because when I opened the the overtone for the first time it was a bit thin looking.  Some of the product had ended up on the bottom of the lid was dripping and got on the outside rim a bit. It wasn’t a mess and cleaned up easily before I took the picture. However I was relieved when I opened it and started applying because it was thick and coated my head beautifully.  I slowly applied the Overtone to my roots and faded spots before saturating my entire head. They said to let it sit for 15 minutes, however I let it sit for about 25. I turned on the shower and let it warm up before stepping in.

Another worry I had was that it would stain my hands and tub when I washed it out. First of all, it didn’t stain anything. The bit of product that’d gotten on my face and neck while applying came right off in the shower AND off of my hands once I washed off with my body wash. Full disclosure: I didn’t use my shampoo. I just rinsed out the masque and put my normal conditioner in.

I have naturally curly, frizzy hair. I was skeptical that the masque would be moisturizing however, once again I was impressed because my curls looked amazing after letting my hair dry (with oils and creams I normally use aiding it). The color didn’t transfer to my hands at all when I applied the hair products to my wet hair.

The final three tests were whether my hair color would transfer onto my pillow that night, if the parts that were faded had gotten the color they’d need it (because I can’t really check my layers when it’s curly), or my hands when I straightened my hair the next day. I have a habit of running my hands through my side bangs when I’m anxious and I’m often anxious.

Firstly, I slept on a new pillow without a pillowcase. I slept for eight hours and woke up to a pristine white pillow. Second,  When I straightened my hair with Argan Oil, the color did not transfer. When I checked my layers and straightened my bangs I discovered the color had deposited and did so quite well. There was a marked difference. And lastly, there was no color on my hands at the end of the day even though I’d had to run a million errands and had pretty much ran my hands through my hair all day.

Final Verdict: The pics don’t do this justice. Next month I’ll be purchasing the Extreme Teal Conditioner and Masque. My hair looked the way it does after my first hair wash after I’ve just had my hair colored. I’m hoping that when I try the full system (daily conditioner and masque once a week) that my hair will maintain the vibrancy it has the day I do my color.

The system is pricey, but if you have the money and you want to a) keep your color from getting faded, b) want to go a bit longer between pricey appointments, and c) want to nourish it as well? I’d say go for it. It’s worth it to me.

❤ Lady Lynx


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