Colourpop Cosmetics Colour Me Impressed

Okay, being the instagram junkie that I am, I follow a lot of MUA (makeup artists), vloggers, brands, and makeup enthusiasts like myself. Through this network I’ve found some amazing brands like Black Moon Cosmetics, Gerard Cosmetics, and Colourpop, among other amazing brands.

After hearing one of my favorite instagram bloggers rave about Colourpop Cosmetics, I decided to check them out. When I first looked at the site my eyes bugged out and I was convinced I must have checked out the wrong company, because their products weren’t over $10 per item. In fact, their gorgeous lip colors were sitting pretty at $6.



While shopping for some presents for a few of my friends, I decided to try Colourpop out FINALLY. I was still a bit skeptical because of the price, even though the instagram blogger I spoke to assured me the products were great so I bit the bullet.

I put in the order on the first and the makeup arrived on the seventh. So points for quick delivery time. I wasn’t really concerned about the box itself, but when I opened it, not only was the inside stunning, but they’d wrapped my 7 item order in SEVERAL layers of protective foam. They clearly seemed to care that my order arrived to me in one piece.

the beautiful inside of the box as well as the thank you card AND a guide on how to get the best results from their products 🙂
A look at the packaging and the bit of the order that I got for me. ❤

First I swatched the lipsticks & lipliner, I got Barracuda (a satin finish) and Viper (a matte finish) and the Contempo liner pencil. Barracuda is a deep rose and it’s stunning. They say it’s a satin finish, but it looked almost matte to me once I’d put it on. The only difference between Barracuda and Viper, other than the colour, was that Barracuda looked like creamy matte and Viper looked more dry.

On the left side, from top to bottom, the colours are : Viper, Barracuda, Contempo and On the right side you see, from top to bottom: Barracuda, Viper, Contempo.

They’re both very pigmented. You may have to go over a spot or two but mostly it’s one swipe and total opaque coverage. Due to the face that they are pigmented you may not want to attempt to get them off with water alone. While, they aren’t as hard to get off of your lips as Gerard Cosmetic’s Hydra-Matte Liquid Lipstick in Ruby Slipper, cause we’re not gonna go there in this post (it’s one of my favorite lipsticks though!). However makeup wipes and an oil based makeup remover are advised…unless you want to spend hour scrubbing at your face.

They last fairly long, about 4-8 hours after application depending on your activities. There is transfer and you should bring some a long for small touch ups. If you’re eating or drinking using a straw is a lifesaver. However for a $6 liquid lipstick? That’s far far far from bad. They also don’t dry your lips out or make them crack. I felt like I was wearing chapstick on my lips, so comfortable I forgot it was there.

Final impression: Great product, great price. 9/10 recommend.

On the left of my hand are the dry swatches and the wet ones are on the right. Donna is the green and Coconut is the blue.

As far as the shadows go, at $5-$6 per shadow I was hoping for something with good pigment, but wasn’t expecting a ton. However, once again, Colourpop proved me wrong. Would I pay the $17 I pay Urban Decay for their shadows? No. However against drugstore brands like NYX that cost about the same as these? You may have to build a bit depending on the look you’re going for, but the pigment it great and they  blend beautifully. There’s little to no fallout and it stays (especially with the help of a great eye primer, you can check out my favorite by Urban Decay HERE).

All in all I give it a 7/10 recommend.

Hope you lovelies enjoyed my first product post and that you come back for more. If you know of any makeup brands you think I should check out leave me a comment.

AND DON’T FORGET to check out Colourpop Cosmetics. You won’t be disappointed.

❤ Lady Lynx


5 thoughts on “Colourpop Cosmetics Colour Me Impressed

  1. I had quite a different experience with Colourpop. The eyeshadows have to be built up a lot to be visible, despite me having extremely pale skin, and the ultra matte lipsticks (and Viper in particular) only lasts about 4 hours before you need to take it off and reapply. And I say take it off, because if you don’t, and you choose to apply a second layer, it becomes flaky immediately and starts breaking off. Yes, the coverage is amazing, but I’ve bought better lipsticks for that price.


    1. Personally, I’ve found that, with with right brush I’ve gotten some great colour payoff with their eyeshadow. I love the blend as well. However I did state in the post that my go to eye makeup is probably always going to be Urban Decay because their pigment and the way it blends is the best. However I’m enjoying the variety my new Colourpop shades are giving me. have you tried wetting your makeup brush before you apply?

      As far as the ultra matte lipsticks, I must say that I prefer the satin ones because they stay on and dry matte. You can do touch ups and they hold.

      I’m starting to think body chemistry has something to do with it. Two of my go to colours are Gerard Cosmetics Ruby Slipper and 1995 and I’ve found with 1995 that if I don’t do a touch up with a lip balm and carefully apply said lip balm to my lips with my lip brush, my lips crack and it looks messy. With Ruby Slipper I have a somewhat opposite problem. It is so pigmented that it tends to bleed into my foundation unless I use a very very thick liner. However a lot of bloggers have never mentioned this, though this has happened to my sister quite a lot.

      Forgive me if this sounds rude or condescending, I’m extremely tired, but I want you to know I respect your opinion and welcome the discussion of pros and cons on my site.


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