And My First Post Has Arrived

So hello lovelies!

My first post on a new blog, after deleting a book blog I’ve had for five years, and I’m very nervous. I hate being vulnerable. However, after recent events, I decided that I have a voice and I need to use it.

I really hate doing intro posts. I feel like I’m writing a profile for a dating site and a) I don’t date and b) I never know what to say. 

So The Lady Lynx came about when I had a cancer scare this past summer in 2016. I realized that I don’t enjoy reading anymore, that doing a blog about just books and trying to keep up with it had caused so much stress and it affected my health in a very awful way. The more I thought about it , I started to realized that my passion has always been rooted in music, equality, social justice, and many other things, not just books.

I realized that I needed to spread my wings. I also realized I was very tired of being complacent and silent. There’s a lot going on in the US, and the world as a whole, right now and it NEEDS to be addressed and if I continue to get upset, but refuse to speak in fear of retaliation or judgement? I change nothing. I contribute nothing to the narrative and I essentially allow mental illness to be an invisible illness.

I allow myself to be invisible.

I don’t want a spotlight. I don’t want a soapbox, but I hope that, among the fashion, books, movies, makeup, and beauty posts, that you’ll read about what is going on in the United States, whether it affects me indirectly or directly.

And, I mean, as stated above I’ll be talking about a lot of different things. I’ll be writing about a lot of different things. I am not just ONE thing. I’m not just my disability, I am not just my mental illness. I am so much more. So thank you for giving me a chance. I hope you enjoy the future content. And, if you want to, shoot me emails if you’d like me to talk more about a specific topic or something you’d like to see me do.

I’m going to attempt to sleep now as it is 6:30 a.m. EST and I have yet to attempt sleep.

See you soon lovelies,
❤ R. Alora


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