Travelling as a Disabled Person with an Invisible Illness

Disclaimer : No one is ever required to tell you why or how they’re disabled. I choose to share my diagnosis with you.  It’s not your business or your place to question why someone who looks ‘able bodied’ is parking in a handicap space etc.

Now that I’ve said this here we go.

If you’ve been reading the blog or been following me for awhile you know that I am disabled and live with invisible illness.

I have chronic pain from getting in a car wreck in my teenage years that caused two discs to herniate and me to end up getting back surgery at twenty. I’ve had more damage caused to my back since then and work with a pain management doctor to handle it. I get epidurals four times a year, as well as taking medication to manage the pain. Without these things I can’t move. The pain is intense and unbearable. My body locks up.

On top of that I have Generalized Anxiety Disorder(along with PTSD and rapid cycling bipolar disorder with a co-morbidity of major depression), which I manage with therapy and medication. While I do have specific triggers, my anxiety can be pretty unpredictable outside of those triggers and my PTSD adds an extra layer of complexity to the situation. They aren’t things I can control.

Recently I was diagnosed with Acute IBS, which my anxiety plays into. I am also overweight. I’m working on it and have been for several years, but because of that and because people cannot see the scars from my back surgery…well things are assumed.

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Product Review: MUDMASKY Facial Detox Purifying Recovery Mask

I subscribe to ipsy and I love it, as mentioned ad nauseum in this review here.

mudmasky post 1
image found on pintrest, if this is your image please let me know so that I can give you credit.

Wellll, in August my bag was not delivered and I ended up getting a replacement bag because ipsy is awesome and worked with me diligently to get my August bag. However this meant that a few of the items were different. One of those items was the MUDMASKY Facial Detox Purifying Recovery Mask.

I was highly skeptical of it, something true of all non-sheet masks I’m given. My skin is so sensitive that it’s better to be safe than sorry. However, after one of the most stressful months of my life? I needed to relax and threw caution to the wind and try this mask. What happened? Something wonderful. Click the link to find out more.

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A Seat at the Table ft. Brielle

A Seat at the Table is a feature on The Lady Lynx where, instead of sharing my experience of the world through my cis-white female lens, this blogger chooses to amplify the voices that actually experience the hate, discrimination, tokenism, and systematic oppression that we as a society need to figure out a way to dismantle.

As allies, those of us with (differing degrees of) privilege have a responsibility to have those hard conversations, however, if what we are talking about isn’t our personal experience or something we’ve explicitly gone through and talk over the people who did go through it? We’re adding to the problem, however unintentionally. Instead of being the loudest voice in the room, we need to give the people we’re standing with the spotlight to speak on their own experiences.

That being said, with the recent Transgender military ban and Trump rescinding protections the Obama administration put in place for the protection of Transgender youth, as well as a spike in the already disproportionate amount of hate crime towards Transgender people (especially Transgender people of color), I wanted to talk to some Transgender people on these topics as well as the lack of proper representation in the media, how all of us can be better allies, and more.

This week we have the incredibly inspiring, resilient, intelligent, beautiful, entertaining, and articulate Brielle joining us to talk about fashion, inclusion, and her experience as a black Transgender woman.

Brielle, welcome to The Lady Lynx and thank you so much for agreeing to do this interview. Could you tell my readers a bit about yourself?

I am a writer, Visual Artist, and postmodern curator based out of New York City. I’ve been featured in Offbeat Home and Life magazine and I’ve had some of my work shared all over the internet. This is my labor of love, my baby. And it’s really nice to know it’s taking off in a way where it can sustain me and support me. Continue reading “A Seat at the Table ft. Brielle”

Let’s Talk About: Skincare

One of the most common compliments I get is that I have great skin. It’s a sweet compliment and I do have “good/great/glowing/perfect” skin.’

It’s a sweet compliment. However, sometimes it’s also one of my least favorite compliments. By all means give me the compliment, but it makes me feel like because I have “good skin?” It implies that other people don’t. And that’s not true. Maybe your complexion is uneven or you have acne or you have scars or pigmentation issues, but that doesn’t make you any less beautiful or your skin any less special.

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I definitely have my days where I freak out over a breakout. My mom is on an arthritis medicine that makes her break out in a rash all over her mouth and chin. It devastates her. It kills me that my mom, my absolute hero, thinks she’s any less beautiful because of some acne. Or that anyone would ever treat her different due to it. We all have media telling us we have to be perfect and airbrushed and we don’t. If we want to that’s ok. If we don’t want to that’s ok too.

The fact that I love to wear makeup may make it seem hypocritical that I’m talking about loving your skin. However, I love wearing makeup. It feels like battle armor. I wear it for me. I wear it to accentuate my favorite things about my face. If you want to wear it to make you feel better about your skin? Do it. Do you.

Lastly, before you continue this article I want to make something clear: There is no special secret product. Not really. Plus, if there is a secret product? It won’t work for everyone. So before I tell you my routine (there are links to all of them in the routines) just know they may not work for you.

Now onto my “good” skin.

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Beauty Subscription Services: The Good, The Bad, and The Really Ugly.

So subscription services, what can I say? I could tell you, and will be sharing some over the course of this article, about my various experiences. And they definitely run the gamut of an overwhelmingly positive experience to so bad I contemplated taking legal action.

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However today, I’m going to focus on beauty subcriptions, so I’ll be talking about three services: JustFab, LipMonthly, and ipsy. Continue reading “Beauty Subscription Services: The Good, The Bad, and The Really Ugly.”

Here’s A Playlist…

Hello loves! Sorry to be gone for so long, but check under the playlist for what’s been going on. Thank you for all of you who still check in and follow me.

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Some songs are poking at me so I thought I’d give you some to check

And a few other things I’d like to say.

I’ve been gone for a bit. This hasn’t been of my own volition.

First off, I have been sick on and off since March. At the end of May I got a kidney infection, followed by the flu, another kidney infection, and a possible case of pancreatitis. The results on that are still out. I’ll try to keep you posted.

On top of that:

While dd’ing two weekends ago for some friends I was assaulted at the bar, which triggered some PTSD related issues. As a rape and sexual assault survivor I struggle with PTSD and related anxiety on a daily basis and this…agitated that quite a bit. I will end up writing a four piece article on this.

I will be coming to you with the following posts:
*Subscription Services: The Good, the Meh, the Ugly
*Goodbye To You: An Open Letter On The Death Of My Fave TV Show
*Makeup Reviews
*Status Updates On My Weight Progress and Mental Health
*Shows You Should Be Watching
*Why Fanfiction is Legitimate Literature
*Essential Introvert Reading List
*Makeup or Ethics
*Being an Ally and the Importance of a Genuine Apology
*Making Your Room Your Ocean and Why It’s Important
*The Black Crow Sessions: Songs I’m Singing to Honor My Nana
*Going to a Concert as a Disabled Person with an Invisible Illness
*Travelling as a Diasabled Person with a Mental Illness
and so much more!

❤ Later Lovelies
Lady Lynx

Medication Changes and Other Inconveniences

So I’ve been a bit silent and, much to my loathing, it’s not been in my control.

Part of the reason I chose to start a lifestyle blog was because it gives me the freedom to talk about a variety of topics. One of the the things that is very important to me is being candid about my battle with mental illness. With all the stigma surrounding mental illness I feel that if I don’t talk about it? I’m contributing to the miseducation and fearmongering of the masses.

 pills pill taking pills poppin pills GIF

I know it’s not a pleasant topic. Mental illness rarely makes for a happy go lucky fun time. However, if we don’t talk about it? We reinforce the idea that we’re somehow ‘bad’ or ‘wrong.’

So today I want to open up about my recent med changes for a number of reasons: the lack of understanding from some of the people in my life, the seemingly unavoidable belief that meds work instantly, and, even more, the stigma surrounding taking medication for any kind of condition that isn’t visible.

The kid gloves are coming off. I’m going to be as honest and blunt as possible. So here we go. Continue reading “Medication Changes and Other Inconveniences”

Product Review: NYX Faux Black Eyeliner


Today I’m going to talk about the new Faux Black eyeliner line from NYX, which is one of my favorite brands because they’re affordable and their quality is usually on par with high end brands. And guys I’m picky af about my lipsticks.

Full disclosure? I bought the NYX Faux Black Eyeliner on a whim with my points from ULTA and wasn’t expecting much. I just wanted to try something new. NYX 8/10 makes quality products. So I was comfortable taking a risk.


Before I start the review I want to post the product description from Ulta: The go-to goodie in every beauty’s makeup bag? A little black liner, of course! Inspired by this enduring essential, the NYX Cosmetics’ Faux Blacks collection puts a bold twist on a classic that will forever be a chic choice. Available in a variety of deep matte shades with a hint of rich color – from midnight blue to dark olive – these striking eyeliners are creamy and go on smooth, which makes drawing a precise line or smudging it out totally simple.

Usually product descriptions exaggerate…but I was very very surprised with what these eyeliners did. Onto the review. Continue reading “Product Review: NYX Faux Black Eyeliner”

Let’s See How Far I’ve Come

So every year I do two things for my birthday:

  1. I write an entry about who I am in a personal journal and look back at the past posts to see how much I’ve changed.
  2. I write a post, usually on instagram, ruminating on how far I’ve come in a year. From the good to the bad to the things I love to the things I need to change.


Yosub Kim, Content Strategy Director cat happy birthday happy birthday cat GIF

Seeing as my birthday was back in February this post is overdue. However I don’t like to do anything half-assed. I’m a perfectionist to the very end. I’ve gone through so much this year that it’s been hard for me to sit and do anything lately. I’ve also been overwhelmed and busy, but I’ve found time to keep up on social media and network. So now it’s time to get this blog in shape.

Without further ado here are my thoughts about being twenty-six and my hopes for twenty-seven. Continue reading “Let’s See How Far I’ve Come”

Life Change: Chapter 3 and the 5 Weeks of Hell

Or, even better, how Rebecca fell off the wagon, how she’s struggling to back on track, and why her physical health is screwing her.

This is going to be a long ass post and I’m sorry for those of you who read this cause I’m gonna waffle on a bit.

full house michelle tanner darcievu

Personally this is very hard for me to write and go through because I’ve come SO FAR. And I backslid…due to an issue that was completely out of my control. Also this is a progress update. I’m trying to do these monthly and I’m still trying to find a posting rhythm, so bear with me.

Here goes the update:

The Short Version? I got sick. For 5 weeks straight. Was well for two weeks and then my back decided to screw with me and I haven’t been able to walk without feeling intense, makes you puke, kind of pain. My doctor just now called something in. Here’s to hoping it works. (EDIT: IT WORKED!!! As of January 21st I am up and moving with minimal pain)

The long story well…. Continue reading “Life Change: Chapter 3 and the 5 Weeks of Hell”